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play whisper fate by Kuedo
elbow is my thing 👊🏼 @golovko.n
@sashasamsonova 🖤
но счастье и тем непривычно, что выглядит очень обычно
I want freckles
me for the next 10 days when it’s gonna rain nonstop 💦☔️
you might think this is how I look after night of partying, but no, this is typical after shoot situation. My hair wants me to quit modeling
📼 where do you usually search for music?
💜recently I discovered @poolsidefm and can’t get enough of it
💜 also @radio_in_my_mind is my new finding. modern radio station at Mixcloud
💔and I’m craving more😭
more than Paris wanted Helen of Troy
FaceTime with @tanyatimal 🤍Edited by me
still at home
Special project for @tsum.kyiv & @lofficielukraine ♥️ shot by @grebenik style @skvarska #stayhome
I miss this
oh hi handsome
one rainy day in Paris
🥱 #quarantine day onemillion
which one? #homechronicles
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me by @sashasamsonova 🤍
Sharing with you my favorite movies about Art. Inspiring, fascinating, remarkable
▫️«Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry»
▫️«Finding Vivian Maier»
▫️«Kusama: Infinity»
▫️«Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict»
▫️«10 years with Hayao Miyazaki”
▫️«Manifesto» directed by Julian Rosefeldt starring Cate Blanchett
In the end, everything can be reduced to the one simple element which is all a person can count upon in his existence: the capacity to love. That element can grow within the soul to become the supreme factor which determines the meaning of a person's life
for @cultnaked
do the late nights cure nostalgia?
Women often have a great need to portray themselves as sympathetic and pleasing, but we’re also dark people with dark thoughts
I aint bout that bullshit or worry
happy valentines ♥️ @repostless 🤭 inspired by @dudewithsign and @dudettewithsign
no I won’t smile, but I’ll show you my teeth @tanyatimal @nomoissue
don’t know how to act, better fall back
to make living itself an art, that is the goal
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let’s go 2020
we don't see things as they are, we see them as we are
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by @nikita_demydko make up&hair @grinyuka_nastya 🔥
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what ar u looking at
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